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To conserve, protect and restore Michigan's cold water fisheries and their watersheds, including our own Huron River!
 Please consider donating to Ann Arbor TU on a  yearly or monthly basis to support our conservation and education programs.
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​​2018-2019 Activities Calendar

Meeting Location: Weber's Inn

Member meetings will continue to be held at Weber's Inn on Jackson Blvd. in the Ann Arbor Room at the back of the main entrance level dining room.  Doors open at 5:30 for friends, food, and drink, and the monthly program begins at 7:00. The last three meetings are listed below.

 March 12 - Mill Creek Update: “Where are we   on  our 6 year project”. Bill Phillips, Jeff   Braunscheidel, MDNR Fisheries Division; Kristen   Thomas, MITU; Steve Zawistowski, AATU

Banquet Location

The Ann Arbor Chapter of Trout Unlimited welcomes anyone who has an interest in cold water conservation efforts, meeting others with similar interests, and learning more about trout and other angling opportunities in the AATU area and beyond while investing in habitat management that will benefit future generations.  Please join us at monthly meetings between September and May with guest speakers talking about conservation issues and angling opportunities.  Click on the Meeting tab for our newest schedule.  Our success in conserving, protecting and enhancing coldwater fisheries and their watersheds depends on the active participation of people like you.

Tight lines,

John Zolan
AATU President

Banquet Near Capcity
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Our 12th annual conservation fund raising event is now ready for your participation!

The annual Banquet is the primary source of funding for Ann Arbor TU’s programs, initiatives and conservation support.  Please join us in helping to fund AATU’s mission to conserve, protect and restore Michigan’s cold water fisheries, watersheds, and our own Huron River.

We encourage you to attend and make the evening even more fun by forming a table of your friends and colleagues.  Purchase your individual or table ticket prior to March 15, 2019 and you will receive bonus raffle tickets for each attendee.

Should you have questions, suggestions, a prize donation or would like to help in other ways, contact Robert Schultz, Banquet Chair, at [email protected] or 734-973-9788.

We look forward to seeing you at the Banquet!

        2019 Banquet

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Want to Change Your TU Chapter?

When you join Trout Unlimted, you are then assigned to a specific chapter to attend meetings at or to volunteer your talents with. Sometimes, the chapter's meeting location that you are assigned to is much further away than a neighboring chapter.  Can you switch chapters?  The answer is "yes". 
An active TU member may change his/her chapter affiliation by: E-mailing: [email protected] .  In your e-mail, include your name and address, and say that you wish to be assigned to Chapter 127 – Ann Arbor. 
Or, you can change it by calling: 1-800-834-2419 and making the same request.

 May 14 -  "Bamboo and Brats" meeting - At Island Park.  More info later.

TU Women's Initiative
Learn about the TU Women’s Initiative. You can view that TU web page at: omens-initiative , and you also can click a link on that page to see the Women's Initiative newsletter, On the Rise.


Click here for Guides that support AATU's conservation efforts​​

Mill Creek Location

Mill Creek Fishing Survey
If you have tried your hand at fishing in Mill Creek near Dexter we would sure like to hear about your experience.  Please fill out form and tell us about it. This vital information will be submitted to the DNR for their continued suport of our fishery.
Number of Trout Caught
Size(s) of Trout
Lure or Fly Used
Total Number of Days Fishing on Mill Creek. (Dates if you can)

NEW: Public Access map to Mill Creek​​

 Contact Bill Phillips:  [email protected] for more info.

  Electroshocking Mill Creek

Sloan Preserve  Wading Station


    AATU Library

Did you know that AATU has a small library of books for members?  Click here for the current inventory of books . If you would like to checkout a title, click the email link below for Chuck Billups.  Chuck will deliver the book to the next Chapter meeting.  We would love to grow our library.  If you have donations, please email Chuck to arrange. ​​

Book Titles
The Fireside Book of Fishing Stories – Raymond Camp
The Longest Silence - Tom McGuane
Complete Book of Freshwater Fishing – Parsons
How the Experts Catch Trophy Fish – Ulrich
Pro Fly Tying, Spinning and Tackle Making – Herter...

Click here for the complete list.

Learn More about the Au Sable River Fish Farm Controversy

"Hearings are taking place at the state Capitol as environmental groups argue against a permit issued by the Department of Environmental Quality. That permit allows the operation of a fish hatchery operated by the Harrietta Hills Trout Farm in Grayling to raise rainbow trout on a branch of the Au Sable River, which is located in the northern lower peninsula, about 50 miles east of Traverse City... 'The primary concern is the addition of nutrients to the Au Sable River,' said Professor Luttenton, who will be testifying on behalf of the anglers’ groups that are objecting to the permit, which would set regulations for certain levels of water quality for the river.  For more information, check out this and related stories on  WUOM Radio website
Below are links to various publications that discuss this threatening expansion of the Graying Fish Hatchery:

Michigan TU

Fish Farm Hearings Start: First Week Ends Well

Anglers of the Au Sable

Battle Over Holy Waters, Anglers put Michigan Fish Farmig on Trial, M-Live

Something Fishy about the Graying Hatchery Permit, Detroit Free Press

Graying Fish Hatchery, Mason Griffith TU

On-Line Trout Media

Trout TV
Jointhe Trout TV Community by becoming a subscriber to their digital distribution portal.
A Tight Loop-
a digital magazine about fly fishing in the Midwest.
Dun Magazine-
a digital fly fishing magazine for women.
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