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To conserve, protect and restore Michigan's cold water fisheries and their watersheds, including our own Huron River!
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Mill Creek Fishing Survey
If you have tried your hand at fishing in Mill Creek near Dexter we would sure like to hear about your experience.  Please fill out form and tell us about it. This vital information will be submitted to the DNR for their continued suport of our fishery.

Number of Trout caught
Size(s) of Trout
Lure used
The Mill Creek Project
Past Reports
Ann Arbor Trout Unlimited has been actively involved with a conservation project to restore a Trout fishery in Mill Creek,  located  in Dexter, Mi.  Much progress has been made including the removal of the Mill Pond Dam in downtown Dexter as well as extensive stream monitoring and discussions with the Michigan DNRE and riparian landowners. 
The following links are the documents authored by the Mill Creek Fisheries Development Committee:

The following are links to information regarding the Mill Creek Project
as of April 11, 2011:

Two other important partners involved with this project are the Huron River Watershed Council and the Legacy Land Conservancy.
Here is the link to the HRWC Mill Creek reports:  

Photo Gallery of Mill Creek Reconstruction

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
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Mill Creek Video Gallery

  1. 2015 Mill Creek Update
    Summary of progress towards the restoration of Mill Creek and its new trout fishery
  2. Electroshocking 2014
  3. Stocking Mill Creek
    2015 Stocking of Mill Creek. Ann Arbor Trout Unlimited
  4. State of Mill Creek