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To conserve, protect and restore Michigan's cold water fisheries and their watersheds, including our own Huron River!

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Individual  Tickets

This page is under construction and will be updated soon.

Early Bird Special:
Purchase individual tickets before  March 1, 2018  and receive a bonus of $20 in raffle tickets for each individual.
If you would rather pay by check​, please make it out to : AATU

Mail it to :
Robert Schultz
22960 Overridge Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

​And Thank you!
Please fill out the form below ​​​​​​​​​​​​BEFORE you puchase your tickets to ensure you will receive the entree' of your choice.  
To purchase your tickets, please select the Buy Now  button in the box to the right.
 Please do not select "shipping" when paying for your tickets.  Select the "Pick Up" option." You will pick up your tickets at the door. Thank you!

Number of Beef Entrees
Number of Chicken Entrees
Number of Vegetarian Entrees

Table  Tickets

Early Bird Special:
With a table purchase, you get a bonus of $20 per person at the table ($160). 
Purchase before March 1, 2018  and receive a an addtional  $160 in raffle tickets for the table.
Please do not select "shipping"when paying for your tickets.  Select the​​​​​​ "Pick Up" option."  You will pick up your tickets at the door. Thank you!