To conserve, protect and restore Michigan's cold water fisheries and their watersheds, including our own Huron River!

2016-2017 Meeting Schedule

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 New Meeting  Location:
 Wolverine Tap Room on Stadium Rd
 Behind Old Big George's   
 Second Tuesday of the Month
 5:30 -7:00 Social Hour 
 7:00 -9:00 Meeting /Presentation

 Sept 13 - John Pinto – Bone Fishing Bahamas

 Oct 11 -   Patrick Ertel, Huron Pines and DNR  Grants, former Huron Pines staff who now works   for the DNR.   He is responsible for the natural  rivers in Michigan.  Huron River is a natural river and Mill Creek is included.   He must approve any projects that we do on the Creek.  

 Nov 8-  Make sure you vote early. Then, take
a break from the election and join TU for a       presentation by Guide Devon Carr.
He works the Pere Marquette river and runs    H2O Charters.  http://h2ocharters.net/

 Dec 13 - Holiday Party and swap meet

 Jan 10 - Jeremy Geist National TU staff member that is assigned to work on projects in Michigan.   He will discuss those projects as well as his special training in trout management.

 Feb 14 - Members Show and Tell meeting
 1 Cleveland/Mouradian Elk Lodge Manitoba   Brook Trout

 March 14 - Mill Creek report

 April 11 - Meeting or Banquet

 May –Troutfest/Bamboo and Brats


 Wolverine Brewry​​​
 Address: 2019 W Stadium Blvd,  Ann Arbor, MI 48103
 Phone: (734) 369-2990

Vintage Equipment Gallery

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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  6. Managing Director
The above photos are a sample of donated rods for sale. 
All proceeds will go to the AATU general fund.   There is also tackle box with vintage lures. Hope to see you Tuesday Dec. 13.

The Ann Arbor Chapter of Trout Unlimited welcomes you to view our Website and newsletter, The Reel News. We are a friendly and active chapter. We fish together and work together. We organize several fishing trips each year as well as working trips where we practice “hands on” river habitat restoration. We also host monthly informative meetings each year, from September to May.
 Click on the Meeting tab for our newest schedule.
Tight Lines,
Mike Mouradian
AATU Past  President

Upcoming Events and Activities

Mill Creek Update
AATU will be conducting the 2016 Mill Creek Fish Count Day on Saturday October 8. Come to Mill Creek Park at the Main Street Bridge in Dexter at 8:00 am and watch how electro-shock fish counting is done. You can also see the brown trout that are in Mill Creek being measured and released back into the Creek. 
Anyone interested in volunteering to help please contact Bill Phillips to be put on
the volunteer roster by October 5. You can either email Bill at < greyghostbp@gmail.com > or text him at 734-883-573 8 to be put on the roster. All volunteers on the roster on October 5 will be given further details by email or text prior to Saturday, October 8. You must be 18 to participate. 
Thank you for your consideration,
Bill Phillips

Mill Creek Fishing Survey
If you have tried your hand at fishing in Mill Creek near Dexter we would sure like to hear about your experience.  Please fill out form and tell us about it. This vital information will be submitted to the DNR for their continued suport of our fishery.
Number of Trout caught
Size(s) of Trout
Lure used
Want to Change Your TU Chapter?
When you join Trout Unlimted, you are then assigned to a specific chapter to attend meetings at or to volunteer your talents with. Sometimes, the chapter's meeting location that you are assigned to is much further away than a neighboring chapter.  Can you switch chapters?  The answer is "yes". 
An active TU member may change his/her chapter affiliation by: E-mailing: TUmembership@tu.org .  In your e-mail, include your name and address, and say that you wish to be assigned to Chapter 127 – Ann Arbor. 
Or, you can change it by calling: 1-800-834-2419 and making the same request.

Asian Carp Q &A

Searching for the truth about grass carp and their impact on the Great Lakes
Weeek after week, month after month over the past year, headlines have denied the presence of Asian carp in the Great Lakes.
But there are Asian carp in the Great Lakes, and the way they are being handled has been the subject of heated discussion among scientists. 

  http://freep.mi.news Click here for the Rest of the Story

State and Local News

The Michigan DNR has an informative You Tube Channel.  Here are their latest links:

Learn More about the Au Sable River Fish Farm Controversy

"Hearings are taking place at the state Capitol as environmental groups argue against a permit issued by the Department of Environmental Quality. That permit allows the operation of a fish hatchery operated by the Harrietta Hills Trout Farm in Grayling to raise rainbow trout on a branch of the Au Sable River, which is located in the northern lower peninsula, about 50 miles east of Traverse City... 'The primary concern is the addition of nutrients to the Au Sable River,' said Professor Luttenton, who will be testifying on behalf of the anglers’ groups that are objecting to the permit, which would set regulations for certain levels of water quality for the river.  For more information, check out this and related stories on  WUOM Radio website
Below are links to various publications that discuss this threatening expansion of the Graying Fish Hatchery:

Michigan TU

Fish Farm Hearings Start: First Week Ends Well

Anglers of the Au Sable

Battle Over Holy Waters, Anglers put Michigan Fish Farmig on Trial, M-Live

Something Fishy about the Graying Hatchery Permit, Detroit Free Press

Graying Fish Hatchery, Mason Griffith TU

Michigan Trout Unlimited: Advocacy Alert: Great Lakes Net Pen Fish Farming

It's Time for Your Voice to be Heard
We have been communicating with you for the last year about the proposal to allow large-scale commercial fish farming in the Great Lakes. There are now legislative bills introduced for this. Now is the time for you to voice your opinion to your legislators. It's imperative that you do. Below is information on this critical subject to help you accomplish being informed, but the need is simple: we need you to contact legislators to voice your opposition to Great Lakes net pen fish farming. Please take the time during the next couple of days to let your voice be heard on this subject.
The rest of this message contains supporting information on focused advocacy needs, current legislation information, background on the subject, and links to useful research on this subject.

Who to Contact

House Natural Resources
Anthony Forlini R - 517-373-0113  AnthonyForlini@house.mi.gov 
Andrea LaFontaine R - 517-373-8931  AndreaLaFontaine@house.mi.gov 
Ken Goike R - 517-373-0820  KenGoike@house.mi.gov  
Lisa Posthumus Lyons R - 517-373-0846  LisaLyons@house.mi.gov 
Bruce Rendon R - 517-373-3817  BruceRendon@house.mi.gov 
Ed McBroom R - 517-373-0156  EdMcBroom@house.mi.gov  
Julie Plawecki D - 517-373-0849  JuliePlawecki@house.mi.gov 
Charles Smiley D - 517-373-3906  CharlesSmiley@house.mi.gov   
John Kivela D - 517-373-0498  JohnKivela@house.mi.gov 
Joy Brewer, Committee Clerk - 517-373-8474  joybrewer@house.mi.gov 

House Leadership
Speaker Pro Tem Tom Leonard R - 517-373-1778  TomLeonard@house.mi.gov 
Speaker Kevin Cotter R - 517-373-1789  KevinCotter@house.mi.gov  
Majority Floor Leader Aric Nesbitt R - 517-373-0839  AricNesbitt@house.mi.gov 
Democratic Leader Tim Greimel D - 517-373-0475  TimGreimel@house.mi.gov 
Democratic Floor Leader Sam Singh D - 517-373-1786  SamSingh@house.mi.gov


Current Legislation 
HB5255 , seeks to prohibit commercial net pen fish farming in the Great Lakes. MITU supports this bill. Its been referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources, and will receive a hearing on Tuesday February 2, 2016. Sponsored by Representatives Jon Bumstead, Pscholka, McCready, Kivela, Garcia, Pettalia, Cochran, Irwin and Rendon.
SB526 ,    prohibit Great Lakes fish farming. A S2 substitute for this bill is imminent, and will ensure that other forms of aquaculture must not be allowed to discharge pollutants or create pollution. This bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, where it has not received a hearing (Senator Joe Hune is the Chair). Sponsored by Senators Rick Jones, Schmidt, Marleau, Beida, Knezek, Warren, Hertel, Hopgood, B. Johnson, and Knollenberg.

Senate bills SB681 , 682 , and 683 , would allow Great Lakes net pen fish farming, create an "Office of Aquaculture Development" to both promote the industry and oversee its regulation, would remove local units of governments from decisions on where these could be located, and remove many permitting rules and public comment opportunities. Sponsored by Senators Darwin Booher, Tom Casperson, David Robertson, Shirkey. MITU opposes.

House bills HB5166 , 5167 , and 5168 , are identical bills to SB681, 682, and 683. Sponsored by Representatives Ed McBroom, Cole, Lauwers, and B. Roberts.   Would allow Great Lakes net pen fish farming, create an "Office of Aquaculture Development" to both promote the industry and oversee its regulation, would remove local units of governments from decisions on where these could be located, and remove many permitting rules and public comment opportunities

Casting for Recovery Returns to Michigan
Casting for Recovery is a nation-wide organization founded in 1996 with the mission of hosting weekend retreats for women who have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Mark Delaney will give a short presentation on the program at the next AATU meeting, and will take names of people – both men and women – who are interested in volunteering.  The retreat will be held at Barothy Lodge in late August and the 28th is the day that AATU members will participate.
More information on Casting for Recovery can be found on the organization’s website:  

TU Women's Initiative
You should know about the TU Women’s Initiative. You can see that TU web page at www.tu.org/blog-posts/tu-w omens-initiative , and you also can click a link on that page to see the Women's Initiative newsletter, On the Rise.

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